1. Intern for RVA Mpowerment Group

    Status:                    Health Outreach Intern (approx. 4 hours a week, non-paid)

    Duration:                 Fall semester 2014 (August- beginning of December 2014)

    Accountability:         Reports to the Coordinator of Field Services/MSM Test Counselor

    Summary:               The Intern is responsible for all marketing, promotion, and facilitation of RVA Rated M-group


    • Responsible for marketing/promotion for RVA Rated M-group
    • Collects all data for the effective behavioral intervention (EBI) programs and handles all mandatory, Virginia Department of Health reporting paperwork
    • Helps coordinate social events
    • Coordinates Meetings
    • Responsible for helping MSM coordinator recruit members for Mpowerment
    • Oversees any necessary set up
    • Makes referral to patients for necessary outside services
    • Manages attendance of M-group meetings


    Minimum Qualifications:

    Prefer for the candidate to be a young African American Male who identifies as MSM.    Knowledge in marketing, promotion, and health education.  Skill set in implementation of targeted behavior strategies and interventions; knowledge of group process and ability to develop, implement and facilitate both individual interventions and process groups with students. Training will provided for the candidate on HIV education.

    Please submit a cover letter and resume to: Felicia Bowman fbowman@fanfreeclinic.org


  2. vcu-gsex:



    a little doodle’l do ya

    For JAIL MAIL and other wise. 

    Rumor has it, there’s going to be pizza at today’s JAIL MAIL.

    Rumor has it there’s going to be zine-making at today’s JAIL MAIL!


  3. vcu-gsex:


    a little doodle’l do ya

    For JAIL MAIL and other wise. 

    Rumor has it, there’s going to be pizza at today’s JAIL MAIL.


  4. Fund the next American Idol from RVA! (http://www.gofundme.com/c0cpx4)

    Joi Hamm, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University and a specialist in the U.S. Army, was among a handful of “American Idol” contestants who advanced to the next round of auditions this week when the singing competition’s bus was in Richmond.

    Hamm – a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist with the Army – sang Etta James’ “At Last,” earning her a spot at the second round of auditions, which will be held Aug. 10 in Kansas City, Missouri.

    "I sang ‘At Last’ because it’s a pretty short song and I thought I could get the judge’s attention pretty quickly," Hamm said. "And also because it really brings out my voice. I like to sing high notes."

    The chance to audition for “American Idol” in Richmond drew an estimated 6,500  hopefuls to Bank Street in front of the state Capitol on Monday. Hamm camped out the night before.

    "We’d been outside since 1 a.m.,” she said. “That was a really, really good thing because by, like, 5 a.m., there was hundreds of people outside already. The auditions started at 9 and I auditioned at 9:30.”

    Hamm was the first contestant at the auditions to be selected for the show’s next round.

    Hamm, who is from Richmond, is a psychology major in the College of Humanities and Sciences. She said she’s loved to sing since she was little, and also enjoys writing music.

    "Being able to sing and do ‘American Idol’ is like chasing my dream. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do," she said. "Even though school’s always been really important to me – that’s always been No. 1 – but now that I have this opportunity to do ‘American Idol,’ I feel like it’s a good time to take it."

    Hamm’s mother, Taliah Elder, a quality assurance inspector in VCU’s contract administration office, is raising funds to help send Hamm to the audition in Kansas City. T is the GSWS home, Crenshaw House, inspector. For more information, she can be reached at telder@vcu.edu.


  5. We are looking for people to join our art show planning crew (Art Mafia)!

    Some projects on the horizon:
    1.  DIGIT AL: Fall 2014 student-led discussion panel w/ pop-up zine station
    2.  Planning the Fall 2014 GSEX Art Show 
    3.  Planning art interventions/art activism/performances on campus
    and more! (It’s up to you!)
    Email gsws@vcu.edu if you’re interested.

  6. OUR House is pleased to bring you an even more ridiculous evening: A Soliparty house show the likes of which rva (all day!) has never seen.

    NO BS! Brass Band
    Pedals On Our Pirate Ships
    Queer Rocket
    Motel Fire

    This will be a fundraising event for a most radical of causes, Girls Rock! RVA (all day!). 

    The mission of Girls Rock! RVA is to facilitate a space in Richmond that empowers girls to collaborate creatively in an environment of mutual respect and positive self-expression. To that effect, Girls Rock! RVA is a free all-girls summer camp run by volunteers here in Richmond that will be taking place again this year in August. The funds from this show will go to helping Girls Rock! start a musical instrument library, to be housed at the public library, so that kids under 18 can have access to instruments year-round!

    We will also be grilling out vegetarian/vegan/carnivore options as well to raise $ so please please please bring some cash to donate.

    NO BS will be filming throughout the night but especially during their set for their upcoming music video release of the song “Git It Awn!” off their album “RVA ALL DAY”. This video will be highlighting the awesomeness of all that richmond and the people of this town have to offer so come prepared to be extra crazy (dance your pants off crazy, not holes in the wall crazy).

    OUR House is a strictly 21+ space. Sorry, come back in a few years!!!! Please be respectful of the space! 
    See you there!

    Ask a friend for the address or contact Mitch


  7. Hot off the press and in Crenshaw House!

    PROGRESSIONS assembled by The Horn RVA  & Amendment Literary Journal

    The main themes of the project, creativity and identity, are central to Richmond as a city and a community of individuals. The Horn and Amendment hope that students and residents promote art, writing, music, and creativity in all of its forms to enrich our experience and understanding. 

    There is a piece on Safer Spaces at parties and house shows, a piece on safer restroom access around campus and Teagan Widmer’s restroom app, a piece on ableism, a piece on sexism and safety at music shows, and more. 

    Come get one while they last! Free!


  8. dreemmachine:

    a little doodle’l do ya

    For JAIL MAIL and other wise. 

    (via seam-and-destroy)


  9. active-rva:



    «Summer Edition »

    Every Monday, starting June 2, the GSWS department is continuing our tradition of prison activism by hosting letter writing and zine making workshops from 1-3. We will be writing letters, making zines, and preparing care packages for prisoners in the Richmond City Jail and LGBTQ prisoners across the US. 

    In the past, we’ve done film screenings of documentaries and films about prisons and mass-incarceration, zine making, listened to sweet playlists, had really good conversation, etc. We plan on keepin on with alla that! We can also screen the music that’s been coming out of the Richmond City Jail through the Open Minds course with Liz for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet! 

    As always, this weekly event is open to the public and everyone is invited. We have lots of supplies, just bring yourselves and your friends.

    *Inaccessibility note: the Crenshaw House conference room is not wheelchair accessible. There are two sets of three big steps to get into the front of the building, and a very narrow hallway to the first floor bathroom.

    1st Summer JAIL MAIL:

    Monday June 2nd


    Crenshaw House

    919 W. Franklin Street


    Free and open to the public

    It’s Jail Mail, it never fails, it makes me want to wag my tail! It’s almost here, it’s time to wail MAAAAAAIIIIIL! 

    lol! <3


  10. active-rva:

    Today, from now until 2:30pm, at Crenshaw House (919 West Franklin Street, Richmond VA), there is a signmaking event in preparation for the demonstration against the Israeli attack on Gaza.There are plenty of paints and supplies, but extra hands are needed.

    The demonstration will take place today, tomorrow, and Sunday, beginning at 3pm, at Richmond City Hall.

    RSVP through the title link, and come on down.

    Right now! Come on over!


  11. New Internship: Richmond City Jail EDUCATION DEPARTMENT COORDINATOR



    The Education Department Coordinator is a civilian position within the Education Pillar of the Program Department. The Coordinator’s function is to ensure educational opportunities are available to all residents who desire to learn and further their education level.

    There will be two (2) interns under the Open minds Project VCU-RCJ School University who will work with the Education Coordinator as educational specialists (i.e., tutors of writing and other subjects as needed; student teachers will work directly with a master teacher and share in all actual education department responsibilities two to three [2-3] days per week with a minimum 20 hours commitment).

    Internship is open to any current VCU student, not just to GSWS students. So apply away!

    Please read the following document for further details and the directions on how to apply below.

    RCJC Education Department Coordinator Position

      TO APPLY:

    • Submit a letter of intent (which outlines any experience you have working with prisoners or any other type of activist work, why you want to work at RCJ, what you think you’ll get out of the work, and what you can contribute to the work)
    • Submit a recent resume
    • Submit all materials to Safiya Bridgewater, GSWS Department, Crenshaw House, 919 W. Franklin St., 1st Floor
    • Submit all materials by August 15th, 2014

  12. pwatem:

    Submissions are open for our Fall chapbook! This year’s chapbook name is Rabble, paying homage to the novelist James Branch Cabell who would often use that word to remind people how to stay his name. Our theme this year is  ’chimerical,’ meaning both unreal, and imaginary, or wildly fanciful and highly unrealistic. If you are a VCU student or alumni, send in your prose, poetry and illustration! Our deadline is July 31st. Check our submissions page for requirements and the process. (Art by Irene Li)


  13. Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars

    The Women’s Committee calls for submissions to the fifth annual Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty. Hosted by the American Studies Association, this award honors Anzaldua’s outstanding career as an independent scholar and her labor as contingent faculty, along with her groundbreaking contributions to scholarship on women of color and to queer theory. 

    The award includes a lifetime membership in the ASA, a lifetime electronic subscription to American Quarterly, and $500. Applicants must work in American studies or a related field and work as independent scholars and/or as faculty at community colleges or in a contingent capacity (i.e., as part-time or full-time non-ladder-rank or non-tenure-track instructors, adjuncts, or lecturers). Graduate students are ineligible. The winner will be announced at the Women’s Breakfast during the annual meeting of the association to be held November 6-9, 2014, Los Angeles, CA.


    To apply, applicants should submit an unpublished paper that does not exceed 25 pages, including endnotes and bibliography, and a two-page vita. Relevant submissions will demonstrate an affinity with Anzaldua’s oeuvre, vision, or political commitments and should address connections among some or all of the following categories: race, ethnicity, citizenship, class, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability. Eligible participants in the ASA annual meeting are encouraged to apply. Papers and CVs must be submitted electronically by September 1, 2014, to the committee chair, Birgit M. Bauridl (birgit.bauridl@ur.de). Late submissions will not be accepted.


    The Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty is funded through a program of voluntary contributions. The ASA is committed to a very active solicitation of members’ contributions to underscore the importance of subsidizing and encouraging the participation of independent scholars and contingent or community college faculty in the annual meeting, Members can do this now here. 

    Specify “I wish to contribute to the Anzaldua Prize Fund on “Order Comments” during check out. You may also contribute on your dues remittance form to indicate you have added to your dues payments a tax-deductible contribution to the fund. The American Studies Association is a 501 (3c) not-for-profit organization chartered in the District of Columbia eligible to receive tax deductible donations and contributions.

    Gloria E. Anzaldua Award Recipients

    2013: Ana Castillo; honorable mention: Elizabeth Schewe, Northern Illinois University
    2012: Abigail Manzella, Stern College For Women, Yeshiva University
    2011: Jennifer A. Reimer, University of California, Berkeley, Disordering the Border: Harryette Mullen’s Transaborder Poetics in Muse & Drudge
    2010: Lori Harrison-Kahan, Boston College, honorable mention: Sarah Eden Schiff, Agnes Scott College
    2009: Smadar Lavie, Staying Put: Crossing the Israel-Palestine Border with Gloria Anzaldua, now available in Anthropology and Humanism, Volume 36, Issue 1, pages 101-121, June 2011


  14. Wanna share your voice with the raddest department in the university? All GSEX students, this is your chance!

    This is a call for GSEXers who want to be more involved in their department. There are lot of things we do behind the scenes here in GSWS, but the main three items we focus on are:

    1. Recruitment for the Department

    2. Curriculum Development

    3. Programming and Events

    What this looks like is up to YOU. Even if you *think* you might be interested, we’d love to hear from you. Just email us at gsws@vcu.edu and we’ll get back to you in August to find a Student Advisory Committee interest meeting date that fits your schedule.


  15. SOAPBOX INC Internship!

     Soapbox Inc. is looking for a new Richmond intern!

    Soapbox Inc. is a feminist speaker’s bureau that was started by Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner, co-authors of Manifesta, etc. Soapbox Inc, the country’s only feminist speakers’ bureau and the creators/conveners of Feminist Camp, is looking for a social media/web content/administrative intern! This paid position will be for 5 hours/week in Richmond, VA.

    …are a small (tiny!) women-owned company looking for a little extra help as we expand our programs and visibility over the coming months
    …have several projects for the intern to work on, including social-media based projects
    …want a bright and efficient addition to the team!

    …are a feminist with energy, passion, smarts, writing/editing skills and a great work ethic.
    …have an interest in contemporary feminism(s), summer programs, and event production (or all three)!
    …want a chance to work in a close-knit, dynamic environment with an emphasis on creative problem-solving.

    …can manage small groups of volunteers, correspond with speakers and event hosts, change gears quickly, use Expedia.com, Google Drive, and Wordpress.

    If you think you’d be a good fit, send a resume and a cover letter describing what you’re like and what you’re passionate about to: carly@soapboxinc.com Please include “intern position” and your name in the subject line (applicants who don’t follow this simple instruction will be disqualified). The deadline to apply is July 16th at noon.