1. Hey y’all,

    So you might realize by now that GSEX is fundraising for abortion access! Team GSEXXXY is a group of 6 GSEXers repping for the GSEX Dept. and we’re already on quite a roll! As of today, we’ve raised $775 and we haven’t even sold any merch or held any events yet!

    It’s not enough, though. Last year Team GSEXXXY raised a whopping $4,700 for abortion access and took home the title of top team fundraisers! This year we’re trying to raise even more money than last year! And all teams throughout Virginia are trying to raise a total of $50,000. We need your help, though! Yes, you. We need your time and money!


    • Donate! Every donation, no matter how small, counts. This is a grassroots fundraising initiative. Whatever you got, throw it in! You can donate at the link above and also by coming into the GSEX office at 919 W. Franklin and putting some cash in that cute lil can.
    • Ask your friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and loved ones to donate! Your name doesn’t have to be listed on our fundraising page in order to receive donations through them.If you visit our facebook page, We have a template letter you can use and everything. (So easy!)
    • Networkers! Are you a part of student clubs or committees? Do you know people who know people? We have tons of delicious ideas up our sleeves but GSEX is a small lil Department so we need to tap into other VCU or community networks in order to boost our funds.


    • Dancers! Where you at? No, not professional dancers (though that works too), just people who like to move it and have fun. We have something fun planned and you’re gonna wanna be a part of it!
    • Crafters! We need anyone who’s down to learn how to screenprint to help us make merch to sell! No skills necessary. We also need button makers, graphic designers, comic artists, banner makers, and anyone who currently crafts things we can sell for donations. 
    • Sound Artists! Nothing to complicated here, but we just need to do a mash-up of two popular songs. We just don’t know how to do it ourselves.
    • Party-goers! Just show up to our rad events! Yup. That’s it. Come dance with us! Donations at the door, of course. This Friday is our first event of the season. Don’t worry—there will be more. 


    • Milk cartons with caps, fabric scraps, canvas, and plain tees for screen printing, screen printing ink.

    If you’re willing to do any of these things for an amazing cause, contact us at gsws@vcu.edu!

    Reblog this and tell your friends. Let’s put GSEX on the map and show the community we care about abortion access and know how to thrown down grassroots style!

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